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Objectives of the Epidemiology course


The primary objective is to introduce the basic concepts and methodologies of importance in Epidemiology. The emphasis will be on analytic and problem solving techniques of significance in the biomedical field where the population approach is utilized.

* At the end of this section, the student should be able to:

1. Identify the underlying concepts and principles in epidemiology.
2. Understand the nature and uses of epidemiology to examine and analyze patterns of health events in populations.
3. Use the epidemiologic approach to define and measure the occurrence of disease and health in populations.
4. Interpret and apply epidemiologic principles and methods in practice (whether in private clinical practice, public or research endeavors).
5. Understand and use accepted methods and procedures of epidemiology in population medicine.
6. Be aware of the range of advanced procedures (such as computer models) used in epidemiology as well as the depth and dimensions of epidemiology as a multidisciplinary science.
7. Critically evaluate the epidemiologic literature

Method of Subject Presentation

1. The subject matter will be presented by integrating text, graphics and animations. Computer based systems (both as stand alone as well as Internet based epidemiologic digital information) developed using Hypertext and Hypermedia resources will be utilized both in classroom presentations as well as for additional study assignments. Hypertext allows one to proceed in a linear or non-linear fashion using embedded buttons which when activated display additional information up to the depth desired.
2. The attached course outline contains the specific topics for each of the lecture days as well as the assignments. The lectures should be augmented by:

* assigned reading materials
* computer- based systems

Examination and Grading of the Epidemiology section
Epidemiology section = 50% of the Population Health course.





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